Top Problems with Lawn Care Providers & How to Avoid Them

The Turf King team of lawn care experts is fully trained in dealing with any lawn and garden situation in Decatur, Huntsville, and the entire Madison County area of Alabama. In working with both commercial and residential clients throughout this region, we have come across a recurrent number of issues with lawn maintenance service providers. Our clients have repeatedly complained of certain specific problems with the companies they had previously called on. Since we are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a fully satisfactory lawn maintenance experience with us, we’re bringing you a list of the top complaints we’ve seen from our clients throughout the years.

We don’t mean to point any fingers or misjudge anyone. Our aim is to ensure you, our client, has all the right tools at their disposal, in order to understand what a good lawn care company is, what it should do, and how to deal with potential problems. Here are the most frequently encountered complaints in dealing with past providers, collected from our clients, mostly during spring and autumn.

  • “My sprinkler system is seriously malfunctioning!”

Clients usually realize this at the beginning of the warm season, when they become aware of the fact that they literally cannot water their lawn. This is mostly because their previous provider had failed to install the right piping size, as well as to fix the heads of the sprinklers.

  • “I can’t get them to fix the pond they put in the wrong way.”

This highly aggravating scenario is caused by landscaping companies which will fail to return to their clients’ garden, in order to fix existing problems with their pond.

  • “Their herbicides have also destroyed my lawn!”

Often enough, lawn maintenance companies will use weed control substances that are too strong, toxic, or otherwise inappropriate for the clients’ garden. This will result in damage to the clients’ lawns – an innocent bystander in the company’s attempt at weed control.

  • “They didn’t plant my trees on time.”

Clients with specific landscaping demands will sometimes go out and purchase the trees they want in their garden themselves. Only trees have specific dates and regimes for planting and an oversight on the part of the landscapers can result in trees that become too damaged to be viable for planting.

  • “They billed me for services I never asked for!”

Some companies will fail to discuss a strategic lawn care and landscaping plan with their client from the get-go. As such, at the end of their contract, clients realize they have also been billed for services they never asked for – and nobody ever discussed with them. This will often escalate into a conflict over what the company has issued bills for and what the client is willing to pay for, at the end of the day.

  • “The concrete they poured in my yard looks all wrong!”

If you are also looking to have alleys, pathways, or other types of pavement put in in your yard, it is important to know if your landscaper has a licensed landscaping artist, designer or architect working with or for them. Otherwise, you will simply deal with a team of laborers, who will most likely not know much about landscaping and design.

As it’s easy to notice from all of the complaints collected above, most of them revolve around issues of incompetence at unfair pricing. Here are the alternatives and solutions that we at Turf King suggest.

  1. Always research a company before deciding to sign a contract with them. A reputable lawn care and landscaping provider these days should have a website, where you will be able to read all about their expertise. Also, getting recommendations and references from other clients, with projects similar to yours, would be a major plus. You could even ask to see other contracts the company has worked on, on location.
  2. A good lawn care provider will have everything out in writing for you, from the initial assessment, to the lawn care plan, to pricing options, evaluations, types of plants, costs, and, eventually bills.
  3. Good landscaping and lawn maintenance companies are insured, bonded, and provide adequate documentation in support of these claims.
  4. A reputable lawn maintenance company will never use toxic substances, materials, or tools. They will also inform their client before starting the work per se on what they plan on using. They will gladly and transparently answer any outstanding questions from their client, since they know that transparency is the best business policy.

The best lawn care providers will not charge you extra for anything. If you are not fully satisfied with the work we at Turf King have put in for you, we will come and redo it, free of charge. And if you’re still not happy, we will issue a full refund, within our 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed policy.