Three Reasons to Choose Professional Lawn Care Today

Let’s face it: in today’s day and age, when everyone is busy juggling family responsibilities, a job, and whatever spare time they have left, who can afford to truly research the best substances to use on their lawn, for fertilizing and weed control? We, at Turf King, don’t know that many homeowners who do, which is why we strive to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible? How? By providing comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services – the only way to have a truly beautiful garden the year round. Here are our top three reasons, for which you should call on our professional lawn maintenance services.

We will keep things simple for you

Some homeowners falsely believe that by hiring five different specialists to take care of five landscaping and lawn care tasks, they are somehow getting a better deal than just by hiring a single, dedicated provider. Landscapers, architects, and fertilization companies all have their area of expertise, but Turf King knows how to handle the full range of lawn maintenance and landscaping services, from hedge and shrub trimming to small tree removal. With us, you will avoid the hassles of being billed by five different providers all at once. Since we are dedicated to excellence, we will service you and your property until you are fully satisfied – and if you’re not, we will hire another company of your choice, at our own expense. You won’t have to keep firing contractors, only to go and hire others, endlessly. What’s more, with a single landscaping company taking care of all your needs, you will make sure no details get overlooked or lost in communication.

We are full-service

The Turf King team of lawn care technicians will take care of all your yard maintenance needs in each weekly service visit. We start out by mowing your lawn, but might discover in the process that your trees also need pruning, your lawn requires irrigation, or your soil needs to be fertilized. We will inform you of everything that needs to be done and only perform (and bill you for) tasks that you have demanded. You will not pay for any service you never asked for, nor will you be pointlessly covering the cost of a subscription-based plan. Meanwhile, we will pay just enough attention to your garden care needs as if you were doing the work yourself – only you won’t have to lift a finger. With every detail taken care of and the bills coming from a single place, you can be sure we are dedicated to your comfort and convenience.

We pay attention to details

Timely fertilization and irrigation are essential to a beautiful lawn, but so is landscaping done at just the right time. Turf King schedules their weekly service visits to the client’s company at the most convenient time for them. That means we will not keep you waiting to prune your shrubbery and hedges until we have time to fit you in our schedule. We know that landscaping is expensive and that it can be ruined, if it’s not taken care of at the best possible moment. We take care not to shear your plants excessively, since we know that this can lead to the apparition and spreading of plant diseases. Some of our clients even complained their plants stopped blooming, because they were improperly handled by their previous contractors. We know each lawn and each plant is different and handle them with the utmost delicate care.

Turf King takes great pride in its ever increasing roster of return clients. Since we tend to work with our customers over prolonged periods of time, we come to understand their particular needs and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling them. We will walk your entire property, understand growth cycles for each plant, hand prune them whenever necessary – and save you time and trouble, which you might otherwise invest, if you choose to hire several companies to take care of your lawn for you.