Three Early Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips and Tricks

No two lawns are the same and no one in Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, or Madison County, Alabama, knows this better than our lawn maintenance and landscaping professionals at Turf King. That’s why our services and lawn care plans are tailor-made, based on the specific needs of each garden and homeowner. We strive for excellence and thrive on our clients’ utmost satisfaction, which is why we’ll pay particular attention to the lawn care your property should benefit from in early spring. By approaching your lawn with the right attitude and plan, from the very get-go of the spring season, we’ll make sure your lawn stays healthy and beauty throughout the rest of the year.

That’s why we encourage our clients to call us even before winter is fully gone. Don’t wait up until the first week with temperatures above 70 degrees – that’s our busiest time of the year, and it’s also a tad too late to get the best result. Here’s what we could do for your lawn, if you gave us a call with as little as one week earlier.

  • A thorough spring clean-up. Before performing any actual work on your lawn, our lawn care team will make sure there is no debris, such as garbage, acorns, or dead leaves left over from winter on your lawn. We will also edge the lawn, prune your trees and your shrubs and get them ready to pop with bristling new buds and leaves. All trees and shrubs will also be sprayed against mites, scales, and other pests.
  • Properly raking your grass. Much like human hair or animal fur when exposed to moisture, the grass on your lawn can also become matted because of the snow. In order to counteract the effects of winter and prevent damage to the leaves and roots of grass, shrubbery, and trees, we will properly rake your lawn. This also helps prevent brown patches from developing, due to grass that effectively went into a sort of hibernation (or dormancy) to protect itself from the cold of winter. March is the best month of the year for performing this operation.
  • Weeding and weed control. As any homeowner knows, weeds suffocate grass and other plants, in their effort to cover as much space and use up as many of the soil’s resources as they can. Turf King comes in just in time to settle this conflict in favor of your lawn. We only use herbicides that have been approved by the EPA and do our best to suppress weeds, which might otherwise come to cause the apparition of bald patches on your lawn.

Turf King has been active on the lawn care market in Alabama long enough to have seen some of the most damaged lawns brought back to life from the latency of winter. We value our clients’ time and take pride in their satisfaction, which is why we always encourage professional input, when it comes to caring for lawns and yards.