The Perfect Lawn Maintenance Strategy for Spring

Ever wandered around your neighborhood in Huntsville, Decatur, Madison, or elsewhere in Madison County, Alabama? Did you come home with the feeling that everyone’s lawn and garden look better than your own? The reason behind this might just be that other homeowners are Turf King clients, and that they’re consequently benefiting from our fool-proof lawn maintenance plan for spring.

It’s not just us saying it: lawn maintenance experts have revealed that the most important time of the year for providing your lawn with proper care is late spring. In other words, if you want to boast a glorious garden the rest of the year, you’d better call us in to tend your lawn throughout the months of March and April. Here’s what you can expect from the services our trained team of technicians put in.

Fertilizing and weed control

It goes without saying that these steps are vital in ensuring a lush, gorgeous lawn during the warmer season. However, we, at Turf King, know exactly what type of fertilizing substances and weed killers to use in spring. We will apply weed control before the weeds have actually sprouted up in your garden, because March and April are the months when weeds usually germinate. Our strategy will literally nip them in the bud, which is very important when dealing with weeds that are usually difficult to remove, once they have emerged. Pre-emergent weed killers are the best way to deal with crabgrass and other persistent plants.

Once pre-emergent herbicides have been applied, our team will follow up with the best types of fertilizer for spring. We use slow-release fertilizers, because our aim is to keep the soil rich in essential nutrients for as long a time as possible. The nutrients we apply are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate, and they are active for some 6 to 8 weeks after they have been first applied. These substances will help keep the roots of the grass blades strong and healthy. Six to eight weeks after applying the initial bout of pre-emergent fertilizer, we return to your property with custom blends of fertilizers – and repeat this process every six to eight weeks. The Turf King team will go through these motions once more during July or August, in late August or September, then right before the end of fall, in order to prepare your lawn and garden for winter.


Seeding is best left for early fall (August or September, for best results), especially since it’s incompatible with the pre-emergent fertilization that the spring lawn care plan involves. Lawn turf seeds will be effectively killed by pre-emergent weed control substances, which is why using them together should be avoided. However, if your lawn has been extensively harmed by a prolonged period of drought, we, at Turf King will forgo pre-emergent fertilization and apply grass seeds.

Here are some of the other steps we will take in March and April, in order to make sure your lawn is in top condition for the warm season:

  • A thorough spring clean-up of all the dead leaves and debris that the cold season has left behind on your lawn.
  • Mowing your lawn slightly shorter than the rest of the season: we use 3 inch lawn mower blades before fertilization in spring, but return to the 3 ½ inch size afterward. Both dead leaves and long grass keep the fertilizer from reaching as much of the soil as possible.
  • Mulching with a treated blend, which will not allow spring weeds and new blades of grass to grow through.
  • Testing your subterranean system for irrigation, to prevent backflow – the rainy month of April is perhaps the best month of the year to perform this test, which will set your mind at ease, while also complying with municipal utility regulations. We employ a fully certified tester for this purpose.

Aside from seeding, lawn mowing, weed control, mulching, fertilization, and irrigation, Turf King provides yet another guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. We are fully insured, which can allow you to leave all your worries of faulty service behind. Prior to your first service visit in March or April, one of our technicians will give you a free cost estimate and will then schedule the rest of the plan with you. We’re usually busy in spring, so make sure you call as soon as possible, to set up all the details.