Four Simple Lawn Maintenance Techniques for Spring

Spring has finally arrived in Madison, Madison county, Decatur, and Huntsville – and that’s exactly the areas that we, at Turf King, are specialized in providing lawn maintenance services to. Since we have handled both full service commercial landscaping contracts, as well as lawn mowing and turf management – residential, we understand how important it is to have gardens and lawns looking good this time of the year.

For our commercial clients, it’s the time of the year when they stand the best odds at luring in new clients and sales leads. Meanwhile, our residential clients will be busy cleaning the house and receiving friends and family for visits, picnics, barbecues, and parties. This is why we know exactly what to do to get your lawns looking spic and span just in time for the warmer season – while you handle the rest of the obligations of your busy daily life. Here are the five essential spring lawn maintenance techniques that our team will take care of for you.

  • The spring cleaning

Your lawn, too, needs to have its edges smoothed out. Rake in hand, we will comb it and get rid of all the weeds and other unwanted shoots that may have emerged in your garden.

  • Crabgrass weed control

Because we’ve been working in all of Madison county in Alabama, we know that a lot of gardens will find themselves choked up in crabgrass, come spring. It’s important to do damage control as early as possible with this resilient and powerful weed. Within a month or forty days’ time, crabgrass can get out of hand and suffocate all the plants in your garden. This is why we’ll come over and take care of weed control for you in a timely manner.

  • Fertilization and mulching

In order to get both your lawn and garden ready to nurture this year’s grass and flowers, we will fertilize and mulch your lawn and flowerbeds. For fertilization, we use a substance called milorganite, whose mild smell will not drive your guests away, but will also keep some unwanted pests at bay as well. We will also put in some preemptive weed control in the mulching stages of your flower bed maintenance plan, as to avoid having to deal with a lot of weeds in the early summer season.

  • Professional mowing

If you’ve ever mowed your own lawn (and who hasn’t?), you probably know how the mower’s blades can become dulled or even rusty from disuse during winter. With us, you won’t have to worry about lawn mower maintenance and sharpening any blades, because we only use top-of-the-line professional equipment. We also have a full-time mechanic on board, to make sure that our equipment is always in mint condition.